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Rigging industry needs the brand road


  With the continuous development of rigging industry, market demand is gradually increasing, China has become the world rigging manufacturing and consumption power. The high-speed economic development in our country, enhance the export competitiveness of foreign trade exports have also multiplied. Rigging the market demand increasing in our country, the excellent enterprise development, rigging industry began to enter the brand road.

  Rigging industry must rely on science and technology, improve equipment level, the active adoption of new technology, new material. Increase the intensity of independent research and development, strengthen the cooperation of rigging enterprises and other industries. Priority setting, joint research, increase investment, and in particular, some large enterprises to actively introduce and absorb the international first-class technology, drive the industry grade, on the level. To development and application of new technology, new material, at the same time of improving product safety and durability, saving energy and reducing consumption, reduce pollution and improve efficiency.

  Take the market as the guidance, increase the intensity of adjustment of product structure, choose standard point, high-tech, high value-added rigging as research focus. Strengthen the material process, technology and international standards. The implementation of brand strategy, further improve brand awareness. Improving quality management, strict quality standards, developed a batch of excellent product quality, both at home and abroad market has a certain influence brand of rigging. In the face of economic globalization, rigging industry must grasp both the domestic and foreign markets. Expanding pillar industry and national defense, security systems, such as demand for rigging product application, create a new situation of rigging the market. Make small products into a big industry, become the world rigging superpower rigging world powers.